He always makes my day.

I love every little word he says, little things he does…

Little girl in me reborn because of him…

Read ur blog… and it really shines my heart

Hi everyone
I thought I’d give you a quick update from my South African trip.
I arrived in Cape Town on Wednesday, along with the England 2018 bid team, and we’ve been in several positive meetings with Sepp Blatter and several of the FIFA Executive Committee members. We all share a love of the game and it was a pleasure to get know them better.
Yesterday we visited a Coaching For Hope football clinic in Khayelithsa with ex-Premier League football Lucas Radebe. I then went on to see for myself a centre for HIV mothers and their babies nearby. I’m amazed by the spirit and strength of the women and children that I met. They are incredible people and I was honoured to be in their company.
This morning we had a few more 2018 meetings, then the launch of the World Cup Ball for Adidas. After that I’m really excited and proud to be part of the World Cup Draw itself. I’m getting ready now and heading to the live draw soon.
Finally on a personal note I just want to thank you to all the people out there who have passed on messages of condolences and kind thoughts for my family at this difficult time. I’m very thankful for your words and support.

Take care